Our Mission

Our mission is to provide superb and quality pediatric surgical care in your neighborhood. In Philadelphia we have some of the best Children’s Hospitals in the region. These hospitals may care for children when they are very ill and or require multiple subspecialties to manage their conditions (e.g. cardiologist, hematologist or neurologist to name a few).

However, most children are healthy and when they require an extra digit excision (Polydactyly) as a newborn or an inguinal hernia repair, an abscess drainage, an umbilical hernia, a pilonidal cyst excision, a breast mass removed, an ovarian cyst drained or an appendectomy, they can have those procedures performed in the office or a hospital in their neighborhood. This is the service we provide at Stanford Pediatric Surgery, LLC.

This allows for decreased travel time, low or no cost parking, and the ability to be close to other family members even when caring for your child that needs surgery.